Sunday, July 26, 2009

those were the days

oh man!! i'm really starting to miss all my close friends whom used to hang out together with.. sometimes i jz wanna turn back time.. but of course.. it's so impossible.. after having some time on my own, i started wondering who are my true friends?? those who keep i touch with me plus hanging out or those who are jz around me but they dun really interfere in my personal life? as in, not even bothered to update themselves about me.. this question pops out for several time n i'm kinda wondering when can i get d answer to this..

people always say love is blind.. but is friendship about d same? where it can create blindness in our eyes? sometimes, jz because they're our friend, we tend to give in which in d end of the day, KILL US!!

nowadays, backstabbing is a major HABIT.. loL! and i've experienced it too many times..

WHY?? that's just simple because i TRUSTED my own FRIEND!!

COME ON PEOPLE!! learn to value your friends around you man.. till when u wanna continue backstabbing n hiding things from them?? i've learned enough to know n appreciate d value of friend tat stops me from backstabbing!! i used to do it last time but to those who really deserves it!! hahaha!!